Creating a Usable Content Management System (CMS)

When creating a website on a CMS platform, the first thing people look for is the experience the website provides to the public. Is it easy to navigate? Is it eye-catching? Is it converting enough customers because of its content?

But what very few people think about is the backend. Website developers are just as much users of the CMS as the public accessing the website. What many CMS developers seem to forget is that making their system easier to navigate, understand and build websites on is just as important for building a customer base as creating a compelling website design is for a business.

If you’re thinking of creating a new CMS for businesses, here are a few things you might want to look into before you begin:

Factor In the Editing Experience

When a client is able to easily log in and make edits to their existing website without having to search for hours for the right tools, they are more likely to create better, more compelling content that then helps them grow their business. In the web world, time is money, and a constant stream of information is vital to keeping businesses flowing. The time spent trying to figure out your CMS could have been better used to edit and create!

Organization and Streamlining

All the best Content Management Systems have one thing in common: they are easy to use and navigate. User interface needs to be as uncluttered, as semantically and categorically organized as possible. Your client shouldn’t have to spend valuable time finding the options they need because nothing’s in the right place! Creating a client-oriented design could help developers visiting your CMS create better websites.


But what are you supposed to do about clients who are not tech-savvy, don’t like reading lengthy directions and want to create a website for themselves? No matter how easy you make your interface, there’s always going to be that one client who cannot find what they need even if it’s right in front of them!

Providing helpful short directions, tips in the form of pop-up boxes could be a great way to turn these clients into returning customers. The easier you make the website or blog creation process for your clients, the more likely it is that they’d choose your CMS platform as their primary source of reaching out to their audiences!

Creating your own Content Management System may be more trouble than you expected! With the number of things that could go wrong and the hurdles you could encounter, it is almost always better to outsource the job to a web development agency instead! They have the experience of working with various CMS platforms and have the expertise necessary to help you create the perfect website.

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