Cryptocurrency: All You Need To Know!

You must have been hearing about cryptocurrency a lot over the past few years as it’s grown to become one of the biggest investment opportunities for many people. They’re basically digital assets invented using algorithms and software coding that enables trading. The whole process involving cryptocurrency investments is monitored by blockchain. Blockchain holds all the data regarding the ownership and transactions of all cryptocurrencies.

The most important thing to know about cryptocurrencies is that they’re decentralized, which means that there’s no institution like the government or a state bank overlooking the transactions. Everything is based online, and the value of the currency varies without influence from external factors.

Mostly, you must have heard the terms coins or tokens in association with cryptocurrency. Coins or tokens are individual currency, and it depends on how you use each one of them. They can be used as a mode of payment for goods and services; for example, Tesla now accepts Bitcoin payments for their cars, while others keep it for its long-term value.

Reasons for Its Popularity

A person holding a coin.

Considering how fast technology and the internet of things are evolving, many people have started to consider cryptocurrency the future of money and believe it’ll replace all the currencies. Another reason why crypto investing has been on the rise is that people prefer the decentralized aspect of it as they don’t want the rich controlling the value of their money. Plus, the added factor of instant transactions is a huge plus that you still cannot get from many banks around the world. Perhaps, one of the biggest attraction points of cryptocurrency is that almost everyone can start trading it without interference from anyone.

Mining Cryptocurrency

One of the primary ways of creating and getting cryptocurrency is through mining. It’s a simple yet energy-intensive process of solving puzzles in the software that verifies your transaction. Your computer will keep solving complex puzzles, and you’ll be given tokens for it. However, you’re not guaranteed a token every time you solve the puzzle. Plus, with more and more people mining, the chances of you gaining those tokens have also reduced significantly.

You also need to have strong computer hardware to solve those puzzles and the stronger your computer is, the more efficient your mining process becomes. However, it should be known that mining is one of the main methods to get Bitcoin (BTC), and there are other currencies with other processes.

Buying Cryptocurrency

A gold bitcoin.

As mentioned earlier, crypto has become one of the primary investment opportunities for many people and you don’t always have to mine it to attain it. Many people are mining it and you can buy it from them. There’s a short process to buying and selling cryptocurrency—let’s take a look.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to decide is where you’re going to buy it from, as there are many different platforms for crypto exchanges. You can choose to trade from exchange accounts that trade crypto as market rates. That’s a huge benefit, as you’ll be getting what you pay for. However, a downside is that these platforms are a place for hackers and scammers to rip you off a lot of money.

Step 2:

This is followed by deciding the mode of payment you’re going to choose. Most people deal with FIAT currency, which is a mode of money uninfluenced by gold rates. However, if you’re buying it for the first time, it’s most likely going to be with regular money.

Step 3:

The last thing to do is to choose the type of cryptocurrency you’re going to buy. There are many different types of currencies you can choose from, and each has its own individual values. So, you will have to analyze their values and potential to grow. Some of the most common currencies are as followed:

Bitcoin: perhaps one of the most popular cryptocurrencies due to its high value.

Ethereum: It’s the second most valuable currency and is used in more complex financial transactions.

Cardano: Founded by one of the co-founders of Ethereum and is gaining value and popularity.

Dogecoin: Perhaps one of the most random currencies that started off as a joke but due to its popularity, became valuable.



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