How To Cut-Back On Your Shipping Budget?

Shipping plays an essential role in your business success. Poor planning and inaccurate forecasting can exceed your budget or damage sales figures.

Shipping costs directly affect your bottom-line; customers and other businesses want to collaborate with businesses that are able to provide diverse and affordable shipping solutions.  Here is a list of things you need to consider in order to save on your shipping costs.

How To Reduce Shipping Costs

Match Fees To Delivery Requirement   

Each delivery has different specification such as time, location, carrier choice, and mode of transportation. Partner with several carries like FedEx, U.S Postal Service, UPS, and DHL, to avail various price points and shipping facilities. Compare the shipping criteria of different carriers to avail the best shipping solutions

Communicate Your Shipping Charges Policy

Communicate Your Shipping Charges Policy

Special services, like overnight delivery or deliver before the desired time frame of the company, are usually subjected to a surcharge.

Communicate your shipping policy to the customers and if you are using a special metrics to determine shipping cost, make sure your customer is aware of it.

Reduce Cost Generated By Package Returns

When a customer returns a package due to a wrong product delivery or incorrect address, your company suffers a loss—in terms of profit and time. Make sure correct product and quantity are delivered to a verified address.

Effective Packaging And Labeling

Using the right size of the box can not only keep your product safe but also lower your freight cost. But don’t compromise on package safety by availing cheap, yet unsafe packaging material. Effectively label all your packages with weight and serial number for tracking. Visible labeling of your package reduces over-pricing caused by carrier’s guessed package weight.

Bundle-Up Your Shipment

Less than truck loaded Shipment (LTL) weigh around 150 to 20,000 pounds, which can be an expensive shipping solution for frequent, yet small shippers.

Look for a carrier that can consolidate your shipment with another small shipment in order to reach the full capacity of a truckload. LTL can prove to be expensive, partnering with carriers that are adaptable to small business needs can prove cost saving for your business.

Integrate Your Business With Multi-Carrier Shipping System

Automating shipping system streamlines multiple processes and reduces the chance of error. Shipping system software allows you to maintain inventory, pack and label, track packages, and validate addresses.

Apart from this, a multi-carrier shipping system allows you to evaluate various carriers’ performance on different factors like freight rate, overnight delivery rates, and availability of consolidation of packages. Real-time data about various carriers allow you to choose the best option for comparison. You can ship to any location around the globe by implementing the right shipping solution.

In addition to this, you can create a unique business rule that allows you to adjust the shipping cost (flat, discounted, or partially shared with customers). It also reduces package returns by limiting returns due to invalid addresses and shipping delays.

Nexxio provides comprehensive shipping software solution that enables businesses to streamline shipping, packing, and delivery of products. They ensure process and cost efficiencies with help of their easy-to-integrate and maintain shipping software. Take a look at their catalog and call 214-526-0014 to book a shipping solution that caters to your business needs.

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