Dark Web 101: A Complete Guide

Many things have changed since the internet first became widely available in the nineties, and one of them is the advent of what is known as the “Dark Web.” It’s not uncommon for adults to worry about their children’s use of the “Dark Web,” which has been linked to criminal behaviour in the media. ‘Let’s dive in and learn more about the Dark Web.


What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web is a term used to describe unindexed, encrypted content on the internet. Only certain browsers, like TOR Browser, provide accessibility to the dark web. With the dark web, you have a lot more privacy and confidentiality than with traditional web browsers.

The dark web is often associated with criminal activities such as drug markets, data swaps, but this isn’t entirely accurate.

Despite the risks involved, dissidents and others who want to keep their personal information private may have good cause to turn to the dark web.


History Of Dark Web

As a way to protect users from government eavesdropping and cyber threats, Ian Clarke launched Freenet in the early 2000s, and the dark web was born. A project dubbed The Onion Router was supported by the Naval Research Laboratory. Intelligence sources could use TOR as a secure means of communication, especially in difficult environments where maintaining one’s safety was paramount.


How Does It Work?

Most people use the internet through a computer or other device containing an IP address, a distinctive online identifier. As a result of using an IP address, networks can ensure that information is sent to the correct location. The IP address of a person can be used to track and monitor their online activities.

The ‘Dark Web,’ which employs sophisticated methods to mask a user’s real IP address, makes it difficult to determine which web pages a computer had visited. Tor is the most well-known and widely used piece of specialised software for this purpose (The Onion Router).

Every day, almost 2.5 million users access the Tor network. Tor is not the “Dark Web,” but rather a tool to access the Dark Web, preventing anyone from pinpointing the user’s IP address or tracing their behaviour.


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