Dealership Vs Locksmiths for Lost Car Keys: Why Not Both?

For many people who lose their car keys, it’s a no-brainer that they go for a locksmith rather than a dealership. For the most part, it comes down to the convenience and the differences in the cost of getting their car keys remade by a locksmith rather than a dealership because the former are just much cheaper. Since many car dealerships can charge as high as 4 times as the charges by a locksmith, people just go with their locksmiths.

The Problems With Dealers and Locksmiths Working Alone

However, locksmiths don’t have an answer to every thing; for example Medeco lock keys can only be bought from the authorized dealer and the same goes for a lot of programmable keys. It also leaves a lot of customers dissatisfied with their dealership because the car has to be towed back and a lot of money needs to be spent to replace the keys.

For as long as these two service providers work alone, there’s a lot that either side has to lose. However, from a purely business perspective, there’s a lot to be said for them to work together.

The Advantages of Working Together


As a dealership owner, there are a lot of costs that you need to bear. This includes renting out a huge space, paying utility bills and of course, managing a fairly large workforce. For an individual locksmith, your advantage lies in the fact that there you charge very little amounts of money for car key replacements.

The problem for the dealership is that it has far too many overheads and the problem for a locksmith is that they work at very small profit margins. However, what if both worked together at the same time?

The locksmith clearly has a greater demand than that of the car dealership when it comes to car keys. Assuming that a locksmith was to become the only key replacement provider, in association with the dealership, the dealership can get access to a greater market.

Similarly, under the banner of the dealership, the locksmith can potentially charge a higher rate than they did before to make greater profits than before. With the combined skills and the profitability for either; both of these two stakeholders have a fair bit of money to make between the two of them.

For as long as the two continue working separately, they simply kill their markets.  Working together on the other hand will give them access to greater market share, help improve service provision and offer commercial advantages that would never be realized before.

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