A Debut Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing

Storytelling is an experience.

It takes a person on a journey of ideas, using creative freedom to construct a scene that captures the mind and the attention, and leaves an impression on anyone who hears or reads it.

There are many who can tell a story. But only a storyteller is one whose tales are worth knowing. And those individuals are the ones we want to help.

The Trials of Self-Publishing

Around a quarter of the top 100 books on Kindle in the US are self-published.

What’s more, self-published novels now represent 31% of sales of e-books on Amazon’s Kindle store. Clearly, these books allow authors to make a living and get noticed.

Self-publishing is a great way to cut the middle man, save money and gain a following by just presenting the book for a small price. But there’s so much more to it. Take the following factors into consideration if you want to go into self-publishing.

Know if Self-Publishing is Right for You

There are definite benefits of self-publishing. You have total freedom over the content and style, so there’s no worry about your book being edited too much. But you will have to front the expenses. Luckily, a great plus side is most of the revenue belongs to you, so there’s no sharing of profits with a publisher.

Write Something Authentic

Many debut authors depend on their publishers and editors to guide them on tone and  direction.

Since you’re going to write and publish the book on your own, self-publishingyou don’t have that luxury.

A book that is compelling, relatable and authentic is a win!

Find a Freelance Editor

Even Pulitzer Prize winners need to send their work to the editor before getting published. While you might be a literary genius, keep in mind that there’s always someone better out there, and people online will be very quick to tell you that.

Your book will fare much better if you hire an unbiased, experienced and knowledgeable editor who won’t be afraid to point out inconsistencies, clichés and tropes in your work.

Bonus: Be very careful when searching for an editor. Contact someone in the publishing industry and ask for a reference. Do our homework and see if you can find any reviews for their services.

Find a Good Cover Designer

The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is somewhat oxymoronic since that’s what we always do, especially in the literature world. Many readers buy books solely based on the cover at times, so make your book stand out.

cover-designerInvest in your book cover and make it relevant to the story, make it beautiful. If your book cover does not look professionally made, no one will take your work seriously.

Print or Digital Edition

E-books are much easier to handle than print books, but you might need to get a professional to do your e-novel formatting.

When it’s time to upload your book, find a site that offers easy access and a straightforward platform.

ChatEBooks is one such platform that’s easy to work with, affordable, includes all categories for e-books including thriller, fiction and romance etc. and has incredible services for authors and readers who want to stay connected with one another.

The Last Word

You have to make it easy for people to find your book. From the millions of books out there, yours should be able to stand out. Reach out to book bloggers and Instagrammers; use their reach to bring more people to your book. Do what you can to show the world that you have a book worth reading.

Then start publishing your work. Your dreams of being a best-selling author won’t be so far-fetched once your hard work pays off!

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