Developing the Perfect Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

There’s no denying the fact that we’ve come a long way since the inception of the first commercial that aired on TV by Bulova Watch Co.

From developing powerful and compelling concepts, to eye-catching camera effects that create incredible imagery— we’ve come a long way.

It’s become possible to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Words we can’t verbalize are magically brought to life through motion graphics and stunning visuals.

If video marketing is an art, social media is the gallery.  

Developing a unique and innovative concept doesn’t require the hottest Art Director in the western hemisphere. All it requires is the team.

Developing A Remarkable Strategy

Nowadays, consumers don’t have to be marketers to understand marketing. With consumers becoming smarter by the day, brands need to keep up.

Unfortunately, one of the problems most brands face is coming up with something unique. Your marketing strategy determines the type of clients you will attract. Most brands limit themselves by refusing to take inspiration from others and opting to come up with something “different” and out of the box.  While that can be a good thing, some brands try to be so different they miss the mark.

But developing the perfect marketing strategy doesn’t have to be unique. Using already used ideas that are proven to work in powerful ways, and adding a twist of your brand’s touch is the key to success.

picture4Go with the Latest Trends

Whether they’re memes or something else that’s taking the internet by storm, it’s important to keep up with modern-day trends. Research is extremely important and websites like Reddit can help you learn more about what today’s millennial groups are into.

What About That Box?

Sometimes it’s important not to think outside the box. Why not see what’s inside the box and mold it into an idea of your own? Perhaps your product focuses on detergents. Instead of thinking of something unique, use a tried and true idea, but maybe add a twist. What if, instead of the wife, it’s the husband who’s struggling?  We’ve actually seen this twist used, not only with household cleaner products, but with other products as well.

You’re still using the same concept of stains and struggles but you’re adding your own twist.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

A professional will be able to help you come up with ideas and take care of the rest of the production process. By developing a powerful and compelling storyline that complements your product, a professional is equipped with ideas, tools and the right resources to make your brand stand out.

If you’re looking for video production company for training videos, corporate communications, scriptwriting, case study content, event promotions, or trade show video content in Orange County, feel free to visit 336 Productions or call (888) 440-5830. With years of experience and award-winning works, 336 Productions aims to help businesses carve an unforgettable impression in their clients’ minds.

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