Different Commercial and Industrial Uses of LCD Panels

Display technology has come a long way from the old days of bulky, power hogging, limited resolution CRT monitors.

Today, displays are slimmer, brighter, energy efficient and more detailed.

Case in point: LCD screens.

Ever since the advent of LCD technology, things have changed dramatically. Naturally, so has the scope of their implementation.

LCD panels can be found everywhere. Not just in homes as part of consumer electronics, but also in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

This article provides a quick overview of how LCD panels are being used in different commercial and industrial applications.

LCD Panels in Retail Settings

The retail industry has been one of the biggest adopters of LCD technology. Shops, restaurants, retail chains, gas stations, etc. use LCD technology as an advertising solution in the form of digital signage. The technology can also be found priming POS counters across retail environments, providing retailers a convenient (often touch-interactive) display solution to manage their daily sales and purchases.

LCD Panels in Medical Settings

LCD panels are extensively deployed in medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to assist facility supervisors and healthcare practitioners in their work. For instance, they’re used for monitoring purposes in both security and patient care context. They are installed in operation theaters to visually guide surgeons during endoscopic and noninvasive surgeries. On the other hand, they are vital components in imaging modality systems that facilitate diagnosis for a range of health complications etc.

LCD Panels in Military Settings

LCD panels also have a range of applications in the military industry. They are used in the design of flight deck monitors. They are also deployed as parts of surveillance systems. They can be found in on-field equipment and communication devices. They serve critical components of navigation systems used in naval vessels and helicopters— the list just goes on.

LCD Panels in Manufacturing Settings

The manufacturing industry primarily employs LCD panels as part of floor control and monitoring systems. Deployed as monitors on the factory floor, they help facility owners keep an eye on their staff and manufacturing operations. Integrated into control panels, they assist in maintaining environmental conditions for manufacturing. Furthermore, they can also be found in inspection devices enabling technicians to carry out maintenance and repairs in plant machines.

There are so many uses of LCD panels in commercial and industrial settings, that it’s just impossible to list them all in one article. The never-ending range of its applications shows how important LCD panels have become over years.

How do you use LCD panels in your business?

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