How Digital Displays Have Revolutionized The Retail Industry

To say that digital displays have revolutionized the retail industry wouldn’t be an over-statement.

Retail industry is different to other industries. It is a never-ending struggle to get more and more customers.

Therefore, physical retail stores need to have all the resources at their disposal in order to remain relevant and in business.

It doesn’t matter whether it is mall or a local convenience store, digital signage is playing an integral role in retail.

Here are three main ways in which digital signage is adding value to retail:

  • It sets the ambiance of the retail store. Digital signage could be used to welcome customers, as well as direct them to the store.
  • It influences the purchase decision of the customer. Most customers make their purchase decisions in the store, and attractive images and videos can significantly impact that.
  • Digital signage can be used by retailers to constantly update customers on the offering, providing effective advertising.

Here’s how digital signage plays an important role in retail today:

Fashion Retail

Fashion retail stores need to be brightly lit and have displays on almost every corner of their store. Many fashion retail stores are now investing in video walls and large displays in order to enhance the shopping experience of the customers.

What’s more, the trend of smart mirrors has also started to emerge which allows customers to access important information while also checking out their new dresses.

Vehicle Retail

Digital signage greatly helps in the sales of vehicles, whether new or pre-owned, as it provides useful product information and enhances the experience of the customer.

Vehicle showrooms have digital displays installed throughout the premises, which provide important information about car inventories and specifications.

Not all showrooms or shops are large enough to display their entire inventory, which is why digital displays can be use in order to give customers an idea about the overall inventory.

Sports Equipment Retail

Majority of sports retail has shifted online as most customers prefer ordering from the internet rather than going down to a store to buy specific sports equipment.

However, physical sports shops have done well to fight back and have used digital displays to enhance the customer experience. Most sports stores have LCD displays that play video clips of extreme sports, thereby enticing customers to buy more. This content can also be updated with the season, so that it is more relevant.

Automobile Parts

The automobile parts industries rely on a lot on manuals and books. However, this information has now shifted to the digital world. The sales staffs now have information and schematics on their fingertips and are able to access millions of databases through these LCDs.

Customers can also utilize these digital displays in the stores and learn about the specifications as well as learn how to install and use them.

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