Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the retail landscape has never been the same. Now, customers aren’t just expecting a lot more from the brands but are forging new shopping habits.

So, come 2021, what can marketers do to maximize customer engagement and retention? Will content still be king? Remember, planning, strategizing, and researching in advance is always recommended.

Here are some digital marketing trends for 2021 that every savvy marketer must keep an eye out for.

Interactive content in 2021

It’s important to offer users a valuable experience become they’re spending more time online. Yes, connecting with customers has become very important, but how? Interactive content is your answer. It doesn’t just entertain but encourages engagement.

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There’s no denying that content marketing is one of the biggest components of the digital world. However, people need to adopt some best practices to stay in the game. You should offer interactive content and add a bit of personalization to the mix. Some of the most popular ideas of interactive content are games, calculator widgets, interactive videos, giveaways, contests, surveys, polls, and quizzes.

By making these ideas part of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll boost your business’ revenue. Besides improving the user experience (UX) of your brand, you’ll increase the time people stay on your website.

Google listing for local SEO

Google My Business listings will greatly help local brick and mortar businesses. By getting registered with Google My Business listings, you’ll be able to establish your operational location. In a matter of seconds, prospects will be able to determine your reviews, address, business hours, and exact location.

Social media as a top purchasing channel

Social media platforms such as Facebook will allow customers to transition from discovery to purchase without ever leaving the platform. This helps create a seamless, simple path to purchase. With social commerce set to attain significant growth in 2021, retail companies will have to adjust to these newer platforms—similar to what people did with Amazon.

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