Digital Transformation 101: How It’s Reshaping the IT Industry

Technology always moves forward.

We’re standing at the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution. This is the era where things past generations would term ‘magic’ have sound scientific explanations and feats, that would have been completely insane a few years ago are common practice. A digital shift is taking place—and people who don’t keep up with major trends run the risk of being left behind.

Understanding the driving force behind these changes will enable people and businesses to accept and grasp the new opportunities that are about to sweep the digital world.

Let’s look at these trends in a little more detail.

AI—As A Service

Now, don’t get us wrong; we know that Artificial Intelligence has been hanging around its older cousin, Machine Learning, for quite a while now, and they’ve accomplished some pretty applaudable feats together, but it gets even more interesting when we start talking about AI as a service.

Think Siri and Cortana for handling complex business communication tasks. AI has the capability to transform how we parse through data sets, not to mention the implications it has for office security with facial recognition; fingers crossed!

5G Data Networks—Beyond Comfort Zones

Remember the times when we were about to take a deep dive from the 2.75G (EDGE) world of mobile internet—with its next-to-no data-transmission speeds—into the 3G side of life with faster transmission speeds, quicker downloads, and video calling that wouldn’t glitch out?

Yeah! Now think about when we all got excited about getting 4G enabled phones so we could watch our movies on the go and play games that took up huge amounts of data?

Well, that’s happening all over again because, man, the world is going to a 5G party and everyone’s going to be there.

Outsourcing Is the New Orange

Outsourcing—especially in the software and tech fields—has existed for a long time. But with tech trend changes and the industry becoming more and more agile and multi-dimensional in 2019 and towards 2020, most industry leaders have embraced flexible and cost-effective outsourcing as an effective and highly efficient extension of their business methodologies and singing in perfect harmony with their business goals.

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