Dispelling Myths About Contactless Security


Lately, contactless payment systems have started replacing credit and debit cards as the preferred method of payment for people all over the world. MasterCard had developed this technology back in the year 2003. The focus was on the convenience of customers.

Contactless Payment


Like all other cards that exist nowadays, contactless payment has incorporated Europay MasterCard Visa technology. This technology involves the use of microchips, which are embedded in the cards.

These chips make the process of making payments a lot easier through a method, known as tokenization. All the data of the cardholder is encrypted. Contactless payments become even more secure when they are combined with Near Field Communications.

In spite of all of these features, people are still reluctant to go for contactless security. This is because of certain myths that revolve around contactless payments. Take a look at some of these myths:

Data Can Be Stolen Using A Scanner

In the past, retailers preferred to use barcode readers on high end products and tags, which allowed the customers to pay for the products without having to stop in a line.

However, in the last couple of years, this technology has been replaced by Radio Frequency Identification systems. This technology allowed the retailers to read tags from several meters away.

NFC technology is also based on this technology. One of the concerns that people had about this kind of technology is that a hacker may be able to steal information using an RFID reader, with a long range.

They assume that similar problems exist with NFC technology. However, that is not really the case. The difference between the two methods is that unlike RFID, NFC can only read the card if it is within four centimeters of the terminal.

Therefore, there is no way that someone would be able to steal the data using a long-range reader. There have also been concerns that these kinds of cards emit radio waves. However, that too is false since these kinds of cards do not have a battery.

A Person In Close Proximity Can Steal Data From NFC Card

Another myth that surrounds NFC cards is that a person who has a NFC card can steal your data while standing close to you in a line. However, this is impossible.

NFC cards can only be read at a point of sales terminal. These terminals are placed by the bank. The only way someone can read your NFC data is if they owned a NFC terminal, which is highly unlikely.

These Cards Can Be Easily Duplicated

Unlike cards with magnetic strips, it is not easy to duplicate these kinds of cards. Unlike traditional cards, the chips in these cards do not store any kind of data.

Every time you use a NFC card, a unique code is generated. Therefore, even if someone steals the card, your data stays secure since none it is not stored on the chip.

The Owner Of The Card Incurs Large Losses If The Card Is Stolen

Another misconception that people have about contactless cards is that the person who steals the card can continue to use it.

With contactless cards, owners need to make changes to the contactless ability of the card after every few transactions. Therefore, even if the card is stolen, you wouldn’t incur heavy losses.

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