Drive E-Commerce Sales During COVID-19 With These Strategies

Is the ongoing pandemic taking a toll on your business’s sales? Lucky for you, you can still sell online!

Use the following tips to supercharge e-commerce sales and thrive during the COVID era:

1.    Encourage Bulk Buying

Less than a week after the announcement of the lockdown, stores ran out of essential supplies like toilet paper and food items.

Panic-buying is a direct consequence of COVID-19. Since customers aren’t able to stroll through stores and take the time to make buying decisions, they end up shopping excessively.

To make sure stocks don’t run out, it’s important to ensure that you have enough.

Online remarketing strategies are also an effective way to encourage customers to purchase products they’ve shown an interest in earlier.

2.    Let Consumers Know It’s Safe to Order

Communication and appropriate messaging are the keys to success during the ongoing crisis. The increase in COVID-related search queries has made it clear that consumers are worried about their health and want answers.


As a business, you may not be able to do much about the pandemic, but you can let consumers know about the safety precautions you’re taking to keep your staff and customers safe.

Feel free to show behind-the-scenes footage of how goods are packed by staff wearing protective gear; this will earn you a lot of goodwill.

3.    Use Consumer Data

One of the major advantages of digital marketing channels is that they give you a wealth of consumer data in real-time.

Companies have access to information about the terms users are entering in search engines. By using these metrics, they can easily create customer personas to identify various target segments, and learn about their interests, wants, and needs.

Businesses can also use a data-driven approach to determine which marketing strategies, campaigns, and products offer the highest ROI, so they can focus on them.

If you’re struggling to increase sales in the COVID-era, get in touch with an experienced digital marketing agency near you.

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