Easy Tips to Beef Up Your Online Sales

2020 was quite literally the year for online sales! The overall online sales in Canada surged by 99%. This was the year when brick and mortar around the world took the backseat, and e-commerce emerged as a reigning champion. If your online business could not benefit from the surge, we are here to help you out.

Sit back and read these tips!

Establish Trust

Trusting an online service isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s a lot more difficult for a consumer to trust the fabric quality that an online apparel store offers than what they can check in person. You might have hired the finest models and photographers to put up a great online display of your collection, but none of it matters. Consumers are far more well-informed and capable of making intelligent choices, compared to what you may assume. You can’t expect an average millennial ecommerce shopper of 2021 to fall for deceptive advertising or auto-generated reviews.

You can go about this by showing off real testimonials, customer reviews, and feedback! Allow the reviews to be real. Too many positive reviews often come off as being deceptive. Trust us when we say this—a satisfied customer’s honest review will be more influential than your finest-written sales copy. Encourage your buyers to leave you a short review on the website along with photos and videos, if possible. Instead of hiring models, post pictures of real clients flaunting your collection (if they’re comfortable with it). Authenticity sells!


Create a sense of urgency

Users tend to respond more positively to an incentive that establishes urgency. This is where time-sensitive deals and promotions come into play. Tell the consumer how your cleaning services can help them host a seamless Christmas dinner. Offer free shipping on any items bought, especially during the holiday season. Talk about how buying the latest beauty calendar could make a great Christmas present for someone’s significant other. Maybe you could give away a 10% discount for every pair of jeans bought on New Years’ eve. Cash on important dates!


Other strategies include using enticing language such as ‘limited edition offer,’ ‘offer valid till the stock lasts,’ and ‘offer is exclusively for the holiday season shoppers.’ A website pop-up that explicitly mentions that the free delivery offers will expire on Monday may work as a great trigger! Get in touch with a good website design team for careful and strategic placement of the CTAs.

Streamline the website design

One of the most common issues that ecommerce businesses face is that of cart abandonment. This means that shoppers tend to add their favorite products to the cart/Wishlist but never really check out. This either happens if:

  • The checkout process is too convoluted and difficult to navigate.
  • The website is slow and keeps on buffering.
  • The terms and conditions of the shipment process aren’t clearly stated.
  • The website had errors/crashed.
  • The shopper can’t find the coupon code or the express shipping option.
  • They have to create an account in order to checkout.
  • There is no live support option available.

The key to addressing these issues is a revamped website design that results in a better user experience. Work on reducing the page load time and offer a guest checkout option, if possible. Make it easier for the user to save the cart. Seek help from website analytics to identify the leaks in the ecommerce conversion funnel.

If you’re based in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, or NYC, MEDIAFORCE promises to create a website design that results in greater online sales. They’re an ecommerce marketing agency that helps businesses gain data-driven results on their ecommerce websites and improve their conversion rates.

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