The Efficiency of Industrial Robots: A Global Market Perspective

Industry 4.0 has made it necessary for businesses to make their manufacturing processes a lot more agile, turning productive companies into smart factories.

The importance of agility

Every day, there are new technological developments in manufacturing processes, and it is essential for industries to adapt to them quickly.

According to a large survey, 64% of industrial companies consider the agility of their organization to be an important factor in manufacturing processes, and 74% reported that greater agility in product development is required.

Agility, innovations, and new technologies are key factors in the improvement of manufacturing processes in the current era.

Keeping up with the competition

To stay relevant and on top of the game in today’s competitive and constantly changing market environment, it’s important to leverage the agility and effectiveness that industrial robots offer.

The technologies integrated into industrial robots have been tailored to meet customization requirements that can, in turn, fulfill high production demand by means of mass manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 requires the application of new technologies. Industrial robots should be integrated into industrial processes on the basis of:

  • Their ability to perform repeated simple tasks without needing downtime
  • Their ability to evaluate and monitor their processes, thereby reducing rejected output and resulting in the standardization of products
  • Their use of sensors to minimize the margin of error, thereby cutting total costs.

Making industrial robots agile

To improve the agility of industrial robots, industries have to be capable of alternating between robots of different brands to adjust to the needs of each specific client and their processes. For this, they need the appropriate programming software that allows robots to easily and quickly be reprogrammed without suffering from production stoppages.

Controlling the system through software makes robots much more flexible and simplifies their usage, especially for smaller manufacturing plants.

Factories that seek to be a part of Industry 4.0 need to incorporate intelligent robots into their production line that autonomously execute production processes. The path to success for manufacturing companies lies in state-of-the-art industrial robots that generate a competitive advantage, keeping you ahead of the game in the current market.

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