How to End Your Multi-Cloud Management Woes with Managed IT Services


Multi-cloud management enables the use of multiple cloud computing services for a business or enterprise. Multi-cloud management refers to the use of SaaS or PaaS software for the purpose of cloud deployment as well the usage of other public infrastructure services for cloud management such as the IaaS.

While many companies initially implemented multi-cloud management due to an uncertainty around the reliability of cloud services, the landscape of cloud management allows for much more than just a reliable cloud system.

What More Can A Multi-Cloud Management Service Offer My Business?

The use of multi-cloud management allows businesses to distribute and prioritize their work across public and private clouds for efficient management of data. For example, a business can dedicate specific workloads to the private cloud when the costs associated with using the high-cost public cloud platform outweigh the results it delivers.

It is especially beneficial in managing the workload when resolving batch analysis problems of big data. With major runs for batch analyses conducted monthly and minor ones on a week-to-week basis the monthly analysis can be transferred to the private cloud. This will also allow businesses to move the low-worth workload to be transferred to the public cloud platforms.

To manage workloads accordingly, the business must have tools in place to allow for efficient and effective movement from public to private workloads and vice versa. While there are plenty of software available to businesses to manage their multi-cloud services on their own along with the help of break/fix services, investing in managed IT services helps in ways more than one.


Break/Fix vs. Managed IT Services

Cloud management is not devoid of areas where technical difficulty may arise. In such cases, businesses have two options to choose from. Break/Fix services allow businesses to use the services of technicians from outside their business to come to their location and fix the technical issue at a per hour rate. While this method may sound cost-friendly at first, it can cause a lot of problems when the business is pressed for time. Break/Fix services only offer your business help after the problem has occurred.

On the other hand, managed IT services offer consistent services between your business and your service provider, ensuring that there are no problems that occur in the first place. With the constant and vigilant check that managed IT services allow your business to have on its network at a monthly service fee, managed services allow for a more reliable approach to handling network and data security as well as management.

Interested in managed IT services for multi-cloud management?

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