Enhancing Customer Experience with Interactive Retail Displays

With the incorporation of displays in our daily lives, we’re hardly ever aware of its impact in our retail transactions.

Interactive display solutions are increasingly becoming popular. The retail industry understands that these display solutions fulfill a greater role than merely being flashy marketing tools.

One of the best uses of interactive retail displays is its unique customer experience.

More than just providing a message to customers, interactive retail displays welcome people into an experience. And this experience leaves a positive impact on marketing strategies and customer services.

Here are key reasons why investing in interactive retail displays can improve customer experiences:

Attracts Attention

Static displays at retail stores have to attract the attention of customers through its design and colors. However, with interactive retail displays, customers get attracted organically.

Interactive retail displays are developed after some serious thought. Not only are they eye-catching, but also possess a unique ‘wow’ effect that attracts potential customers and window shoppers.

For retail store owners, the goal is to make customers stop and have a close look at the product. Attention is what they need. Using interactive displays instead of static ones simplify this for the store owner.

Customer Engagement

Interactive displays are known to have a unique ability of engaging customers. When retail stores are able to engage customers, it means they are increasing loyalty. Interactive displays are great sources for facilitating interaction with the brand. And when this interaction takes place, customers are more likely to remember the brand as well as the retail store.

Customer engagement can be enhanced by including a touchscreen feature in displays. This provides added information to the customer. Moreover, it provides control and authority. Consider it as a safe sales pitch than a sales rep making one.

Entertainment in Stores

Statistics say that 70% of women and 50% of men consider shopping to be a source of entertainment.

Similarly, 70% of shoppers believe that digital signage offer some kind of entertainment. Lastly, 30% of customers attracted by interactive retail displays buy the product/service.

When customers find something entertaining, they are more likely to do it. Or they are willing to make time for it. As a result, increased entertainment during shopping has become a focal point for retails around the world.

Relative to static displays, interactive ones are considered to be more ‘fun’. Since they amaze and impress customers, brands get a better opportunity to stand out.

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