Essential Features And Function of Pigment Ink

There’s no denying that the printing industry has evolved significantly over the past decade. Earlier, printing inks could print on paper only. But, changing consumers’ needs called for better quality products.

Nowadays, consumers can choose from a variety of printing inks, based on their application and needs.

Among the different types of printing inks available in the market, pigment ink is the most sought-after printing ink.

Pigment ink 101

Pigment ink accounts for almost 70-80 percent printing. The ink is made from insoluble pigments, which can be organic or inorganic. Organic pigments, however, are the preferred choice because they produce more vibrant colors.

In many ways, pigment ink is quite different from other inks, specifically dye ink.

Pigment ink and dye ink contain different agents. Generally speaking, pigmented ink has larger particles than dye ink or other inks. Pigment ink stays on top of a printing paper, while dye ink can absorb into a fabric.

But, pigment ink can be used for nearly any purpose that other printing inks can be used for. It’s designed for different types of large-format printers, which includes but is not limited to Epson and Roland printers.

Why pigment ink matters

The pigments in pigment ink cannot dissolve completely into paper. As they settle on top of the paper, pigment ink does not bleed when exposed to water.

In addition, pigment ink can last longer than dye ink. Their larger pigments are more difficult to remove than dye ink pigments. Meanwhile, dye ink fades quickly from exposure to water or sunlight. Pigment ink offers more stable printing results that can last for more than 200 years on specific paper types, says a research paper by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Due to its high resistance to water, sunlight and cold temperature, pigment ink can be used for making printed t-shirts and promotional and advertising banners.

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More importantly, the company uses environmentally-friendly materials to produce pigment inks that can be used in ESPON, Mutoh and several other printers.

Apart from pigment ink, InkJD is a trusted source for dye sublimation and textile ink.


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