Everything You Need to Know About Data Entry

Data entry is the process of typing and recording data into computers. Data entry services work in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, retail, and transportation. If you’re interested to learn more, we have got you covered.

Here’s everything you need to know about data entry.

What is Data Entry?

Simply put, data entry involves the management and record-keeping of raw data. Data entry operators organize hand-written and other forms of non-electronic data by entering it on pre-designed electronic databases.

This data includes everything from hand-letters to retail sales sheets. Usually, a data entry operator enters the same kind of data multiple times. Alongside entering data into databases, data entry operatives also read, verify, and edit pre-entered data.

These operators usually use a keyboard as their primary input device, but they may also use other input devices such as a drawing pad to log in data.

Skills Required for Data Entry

The most important skill for data entry is typing. Data entry operatives need to be fast at typing, but they should be accurate since other departments depend on the accuracy of the data they enter.

Having a formal typing style such as the “touch typing” technique is a great plus. Using the “home row” touch typing allows you to type at a really fast rate without having to look at the keyboard. This typing style is also more accurate than other typing styles.

Moreover, data entry operatives should have certain computer skills. They can use common office applications and be quick at learning to use other company-specific software. Data entry operators that often transcribe English sentences also need to have good English skills. More precisely, they need to have a good grasp of English grammar and spelling as they might need to fill in missing letters and words.

Importance of Data Entry

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  • Data entry ensures that the company is using effective and unique data by maintaining up-to-date records.
  • Through data entry, companies can gather all the operations in one place and cut costs by removing operations that aren’t useful.
  • All the business records are gathered in one place through data entry so that employers can access them easily.

Without data entry, a company has a higher risk of data-related errors, which can also transform into some process failures. Therefore, we recommend you try a BPO service provider like 3Alpha LLC for accurate data entry services.

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