Everything You Need to Know About Electrical Box Extenders

If you’ve a recessed electrical box at home or office, and are thinking how to fix it the easy, cheap and convenient way, then an electrical box extender is exactly what you need.

What is an electrical box extender?

An electrical box extender is a plastic or metal ring that fits snugly around an existing electrical box. This provides a flushed finish for the box that may otherwise sit in a recessed position to a wall surface.

Electrical box extenders come in varying sizes, depths and colors, ensuring customers can find an extender that’s best suited for their application.

Besides providing flushed finish for a recessed electrical box, electrical box extenders (the plastic ones) also provide protection to the wires housed inside the box, particularly against arcing.

Arcing, metal boxes and electrical box extenders

Metal electrical boxes are quite extensively used at homes for their durability. And while these boxes are unmatched in this regard, they are also susceptible to arcing.

Made from metal, metal electrical boxes are capable of conducting electricity. So whenever they come in contact with an exposed wire, there’s always a risk of an electric discharge, which if occurs can start a home fire. Plastic electrical box extenders help prevent arcing by covering the metal conducting surfaces of these metal boxes.

The different types of electrical box extenders

Electrical box extenders can be categorized based on their make and configuration.

In terms of make, there are two types of electrical box extenders available in the market:

  • Plastic electrical box extenders
  • Metal electrical box extenders

Based on configuration, there are mainly two types of electrical box extenders available in the market:

  • One-gang electrical box extenders
  • Two-gang multiple box extenders

Please note: Metal electrical box extenders need to be grounded for safe operation.

Installing an electrical box extender

Installing an electrical box extender is easy and can be done without the help of an electrician. However, it’s always a safe practice to hire an electrician for any electrical job.

In case you’re interested in installing an electrical box extender on your own, this quick guide will tell you everything you need to know to safely install an electrical box extender.

Do you have any questions about electrical box extenders that you’d like to ask? Feel free to reach out; Gadget Mania Inc. will be happy to help you.

About Gadget Mania Inc.

Gadget Mania Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality UL approved devices. The company’s patented line of electrical box extenders, ReceptExtenders, is compatible with both metal and non-metal electrical boxes, providing customers with an all-in-one solution. To learn more about the company or its electrical box extender technology, call 401-568-9696 or email at sales@receptxtenders.com.

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