Everything You Need to Know About Laser Keys

There’s no denying the fact that vehicle security has benefitted tremendously from technology. When you lose a key, the security of your car lies in how secure and technologically advanced your keys are.

In addition to the many safety features that vehicle manufacturers already offer, premium carmakers have started giving out laser keys. When manufacturers introduce laser keys with their newest models, you know that their topmost priority is security.

What Are Laser Cut Keys?

Laser cut car keys—also known as high security keys or sidewinders—are a little heavier than traditional car keys. They are cut with a laser, while other keys are cut with the help of manual or automatic key cutters. These keys include an iconic groove at the center, which is why manufacturers use heavier metals to make them.

These keys also have a slit on both sides, which allows them to be inserted in the lock while they’re facing either side. Not only is each key tailored to only one car, but it’s also programmed with the help of a transponder.

You can only find these keys in vehicles that are made after the 1990s. So if you have a car that’s older and you need an additional security feature, consider opting for laser cut car keys.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Cut Car Keys?

Laser Cut Car Keys Are Harder To Duplicate:

Due to their unique programmed transponder, these keys are harder to duplicate. Laser cut keys cannot be duplicated without a professional. Hence, if you lose your car keys somewhere, it might be difficult to make copies for it.

Similarly, if a thief gets their hand on your car key and wants to make copies of it, they won’t be able to achieve their goal at any locksmith. In order to make copies, they’ll have to prove that these laser cut car keys belong to them.

Car Doors Are Harder To Pick With Laser Cut Car Keys:

A traditional car lock can be picked quickly and efficiently even by an amateur thief. But the mechanism for a lock that has been designed for a laser cut key is so complex, that even a professional thief won’t ever be able to pick your car’s lock.

Laser Cut Car Keys Are Programmed For Your Car:

Most laser cut car keys include a transponder on top. The transponder is programmed and designed to communicate with your ignition system—and hence naturally, it can’t be duplicated.

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