Everything You Need to Know About the SQS15 Dagger

From the design to the features, everything about the SQS15 Dagger is nothing short of spectacular.

This weapon comes with a type III, black hard-coat anodized finish that not only enhances the appearance of this 35.5-inch rifle but also packages spectacular power functions in a sturdy design.

With a 5.56 NATO caliber and a 16” Mossberg, this rifle is the pride of the entire range manufactured by BCI Defense. If you’re planning to buy this one for a hunting expedition or a shooting game, the Magpul 30 round magazine will not disappoint you!

Here’s all you need to know about the SQS15 Dagger.

Why is it called an Assault Rifle?

This semi-automatic sentry model is a select-fire weapon. Capable of firing only one cartridge per trigger pull, this rifle offers an exclusive set of design features that earn it the title of an assault rifle.

With an M4 w/QD Socket buttstock and an A2 compensator, this rifle is a power gun you can take along on your hunts.

Powered by hot powder gas that is fed through the carbine gas tube into the bolt carrier, this weapon is a classic example of Direct Gas Impingement (DGI) in action.

Even while being criticized for its “dirty” system of operations, the SQS15 is among the top-of-the-line rifles!

Upgrades in Operations

Owing to the backlash that the previous models had received on the DGI system, manufacturers are now leaning toward piston-operated upgrades.

A gas piston and rod is now in place of the gas tube, right above the barrel within the handguards. This prevents the gases from penetrating the interior bolt group, thus making the design cleaner and more effective. This upgrade has revised the format of the DGI system and reformed it with Direct Impingement, as in the case of SQS15.

Suitability for Civilian Shooters

These upgrades have had little to no effect on the existing popularity of this weapon among the hunter community. Since problems with DGI are only encountered in case of hardcore military combat or heavy gun use, they were never a serious concern for shooting enthusiasts. This is why shooters now go for the SQS15 without a second doubt, as they would prior to the upgrades.

Variety of Profiles

Owing to the burgeoning popularity of this dagger, manufacturers are coming up with a variety of external profiles. These include different lengths and calibers, and even chrome-line barrels. This has ensured a longer service life and improved rust resistance in the weapon. Steel barrels have also been noted among newer models but they often require greater care and a proper maintenance routine.

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