Famous Websites & Companies That Use PHP in 2022

PHP is one of the leading programming languages in the IT industry. It has been around since 1994 and is still relevant to this day. Most web developers focus on PHP, and around 71.5% of all websites use PHP.

It offers high speed and security. It encrypts user data, and more servers can be added to make the website scalable. As more and more developers use PHP, the top PHP development companies are constantly upgrading it. Here is a list of websites and companies that use PHP.


WordPress is an open platform for content management. It uses PHP that interacts with databases to gain information. PHP uses the components present in the database and then presents the output in HTML format. People can create and use templates without any knowledge of coding.


Etsy is a popular retail website. There are over 45 million active buyers on the platform, making it one of the largest eCommerce websites that use PHP. When it comes to Etsy’s web page performance, it is optimized with HHVM. It’s a computer program that supports PHP.


Slack is a team communications application that was created in 2009. PHP is used for Slack’s backend development. More than 3 million users are using the app actively, and it’s worth $4 billion. PHP minimizes any defects in the application, improves workflow efficiencies, and enhances the app’s speed.


Facebook is an online platform and a social media giant. It has been using PHP since 2004. PHP helps create dynamic website content and can translate different coding languages using HVHM.

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Tumblr is probably the most iconic app of all time. It’s known for making memes popular. Tumblr’s community has 288 million active users and over 325 million blogs. Since 2016, it has been using PHP. PHP helps upgrade the performance parameters and add new languages and features to the website/application.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where the public can find any and every information. Wikipedia’s programming language is PHP which improves the website loading speed and allows for HVHM implementation.

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