Which Fast Hosting Options Do You Have?

Hosting takes you places, particularly in the online world. Whether you’re new to it or have been in the market for some time, always remain on a lookout for better options.

Most companies try to find the fastest hosting service. Needless to say, they are often unsuccessful.

Speed depends on the type of hosting and the package you choose. However, hosting providers can take steps to ensure high up time and reliable customer support.

You must put in efforts too¾especially while choosing a hosting package. Explore your options carefully and ensure the selected type of hosting fulfills all your requirements.

Why is fast hosting essential?

There are three important reasons to look for fast hosting packages.

  1. First, no one likes slow speed¾the least of all, your customers! It is important for sites to load quickly. Slow websites will only take away visitors to alternative search results.
  2. Faster loading means easier conversation. Visitors are more likely to ask information or go ahead with transactions if they can communicate with ease. This includes online chats and general responsiveness of the site.
  3. Google takes speed into consideration while ranking your site. If you want to top their search engine list, make sure your site works efficiently.

Opt for faster speed with SSD hosting

Hosting can be provided using solid state drives (SSDs) or hard disc drives (HDDs). Hard drives are spinning storage devices and thus less efficient than SSDs.

Drive speed is measured in IOPS (Inputs Outputs per Second). Where hard drives typically have a speed of 80 to 100 IOPS, SSDs can reach between 4,600 and 75,000 IOPS.

The discs are more reliable than HDDs as there are no moving parts responsible for their speed. These features make SSD an ideal candidate for hosting.

 SSD shared or VPS hosting?

Usually, you can find only shared or VPS options hosted using SSD.

Shared SSD hosting: Shared hosting is considered one of the least costly options. In contrast, SSDs are more expensive than HDDs. Opting for SSD shared hosting, you can save costs and still receive high speed connection.

HostSailor has 5 different plans available, starting from as little as $0.95 USD/month.

SSD VPS hosting: VPS hosting offers both speed and virtually allotted resources. This is more secure and reliable, offering virtual separation from other users.

Although these packages cost comparatively more than shared options, they offer reliable uptime. HostSailor’s SSD VPS servers offer plans starting from only $2.99 USD/month.

If you’re looking for a fast SSD shared hosting or VPS hosting provider, then HostSailor is a good choice. They have several different plans, making it easier for you to upgrade later on.

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