Free vs. Fast Shipping: Which is Better?

Many ecommerce businesses fail to realize importance of their website’s integrated checkout system. It sets the tone for an online shopper’s entire checkout experience. This means your customers are more likely to abandon their shopping cart without completing checkout if obstacles are standing in their way.

One of those obstacles is the method of delivery and other shipping concerns that influence customer decision.

Shipping Matters to Customers and Ecommerce Businesses to an Extent

It’s a simple concept… your customers will look at the offered shipping and delivery methods before completing checkout. This makes shipping incredibly important yet what type of shipping and delivery?

Available to ecommerce businesses are two options, free and fast shipping. Which one is the best?

Free Shipping – Advantages

Following are main advantages of free shipping for your ecommerce site:

  • High-Order Quantity

Simply put, more customers will be attracted towards your ecommerce business. This will increase order quantity rate, i.e. more customers will buy from your online store.

  • Revenue Rate Per Order

The average order value will also increase. This is a possibility seeing how customers actually care about the shipping costs, even look for lower shipping costs when buying a product. Revenue rate per order means you’ll make more money with each order.

Fast Shipping – Advantages

Otherwise known as same-day delivery, fast shipping offers the following benefits to ecommerce businesses:

  • Increased Productivity

Fast shipping promises incredible increase in productivity not just in the shipping process but overall team management. Production process of products i.e. packaging and manufacturing are sped up seeing tight same day delivery deadline has to meet at all costs.

Additionally, there isn’t any pile-up of stocks that won’t go forward.

  • Build Trust In Your Customers

A happy customer is the strength of your ecommerce business. Same day delivery and shipping service can provide this, while promoting professionalism and reliability to first-time customers. This will cause existing customers to happily recommend your ecommerce business, spreading to other circles and increasing your customer base.

  • Simplified Inventory Management

It takes a lot of time to apply a suitable inventory management system for stockpiled products. A lot of warehouse space and security is also needed in this case.

Why go to all the trouble of designing an inventory management system when you can easily get rid of all pending orders through same day or fast delivery? In this way, production and sales will go side by side.

If we think about it, both fast and free shipping provides some points that cannot be overlooked by ecommerce businesses. Is there a way to incorporate both shipping solutions into your business policy? Yes, ProcessWeaver can help in this respect. Learn how today!

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