The Fundamentals of Dye Sublimation Printing and Why Your Business Needs It

Dye sublimation printing is an easy way to print images, text or logos onto specific items, including but not limited to polyester fabrics, promotional banners and posters, printed t-shirts, coasters and tiles.

Many printing companies have been replacing traditional printing with dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation is quicker and more effective than traditional printing. With dye sublimation, you can expedite production, maximize output and save money in the long run.

Understanding dye sublimation printing

Dye sublimation is a simple printing method. It is used to apply graphics or text onto polyester fabric, ceramics, etc.

To put it simply, heat and pressure convert the sublimation ink into a gaseous state, without it becoming a liquid. Sublimation does not work on all items. Polyester is a great fabric for dye sublimation printing because it can hold the ink during the heating process.  However, a special polyester coating must be applied on hard items, including ceramics and materials so that they can hold the ink.

Benefits you need to know about

Here is why dye sublimation is a smarter printing option than traditional printing:

  • The image or text transferred onto an item will not disappear. The transferred images are permanently embedded in the item rather than just being printed.
  • In the case of polyester t-shirts, the transferred text or image will not peel off, crack or fade, event after multiple washings.
  • The final printing appears smooth and professionally made. This is because the printed item is embedded in the item.
  • Unlike traditional printing, sublimation printing can create various attractive color tones by layering different dyes.
  • Dye sublimation printing is used for professional printing needs. You can use it to create company posters, business cards, decals, presentations, pamphlets and more. In addition, it can print images on polyester fabric. You can print professional artwork on banners, t-shirts and more.

For a printing company, the look and quality of the printed products can make or break its revenue. With dye sublimation, printing businesses gain access to top quality, professional products.

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