The Future of Industrial LCD Displays

Industrial LCD display technology has been around us for more than three decades. During this time, it has continuously reinvented itself, competing and even overwhelming many alternative industrial display technologies of both past and present.

This begs the question:

Does LCD technology have any more room left to grow and go toe-to-toe with the emerging technologies of the future?

You bet it!

This article provides a brief overview of the future of industrial LCD displays based on current developments and focuses on how these developments will help the technology to evolve further for better.

Quantum dots are expected to go mainstream

Quantum dots (QDs) have already been a revelation in the LCD world. These tiny structures have enabled improved image reproduction and a wider color gamut in LCD displays. However, their adoption so far has only been limited to few manufacturers. The main reason for this can be attributed to the high production costs of the barrier films which protect these dots from oxygen and water.

This may be about to change though.

Developers are close to developing Glass LGP deposited quantum dots, an invention trademarked as Quantum Dot on Glass (QDOG), which will not only be cheaper to produce than film protected quantum dots but will also be more robust in terms of design.

If and when the development goes commercial, you can expect quantum dot industrial LCD panels to hit mainstream production.

Industrial LCD touch panels that will identify the user

Ever wondered how a password-free world would look like?

Full of breaches, no?

Absolutely wrong!

Case in point: LCD touch panels that identify the user.

A team of researchers at Disney Research has designed an LCD touch panel that identifies the user and unlocks screen features based on the user’s authority credentials. The touchscreen employs swept frequency capacitive sensing technique which measures the impedance of the users and differentiates between them depending on their individual impedance readings.

The introduction of user-recognizing industrial touch panels has the potential to change the face of many applications including security, access control, driver control customization in automotive vehicles and time and attendance.

However, the technology is not yet in commercial production.

Haptic touchscreens in industrial-grade LCDs

The concept of haptic touchscreens is quite well known in the smartphone and tablet industry. These touchscreens are designed to provide users with an actual sense of touch (like tapping a button on a keyboard) when registering an action on a device.

Why having an “actual sense of touch” is such a big deal?

It’s a big deal because it enhances input accuracy, improves input and tactile response speed and provides an overall better experience to users when using a touchscreen device.

The technology hasn’t yet been adopted in industrial-grade LCDs, but with so many benefits to offer, especially in the context of industrial settings, you can surely expect the manufacturers to make their move in coming years.

Flexible or bendable industrial LCD displays

When it comes to flexible (or bendable) displays, OLED has traditionally dominated the market. However, thanks to recent initiatives from a number of LCD manufacturers,we could very well may see flexible LCD displays hitting the stores soon.

It’s expected that the initial adoption is likely to be in the smartphone and smartwatch industries. Gradually, the expansion is expected to move across industrial LCDs. This move has the potential to open up so many use cases in industrial settingswhere the need for high resolution and robust displays is quite well acknowledged, including from designing screens for car dashboards to designing impressive digital signage for retailing and advertising.

Which future LCD development are you most looking forward to?

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