Up your Game: Affiliate Marketing Trends to Adopt

Affiliate marketing is a booming industry for the last few years. Hundreds of new businesses and startups were launched in 2018 alone. As more and more businesses enter the affiliate industry, the need to stay abreast of the rapidly changing trends grows more than ever!

Here’s a list of trends that can keep your business ahead of your competitors:

1. Strong Reviews are the Game Changer!


Reviews can serve as the make or break moment in marketing. Every time someone looks up the internet for a review, they’re already on the verge of making the decision. A good review is just the push they need to buy your product.

Recruit influencers and bloggers for the job. There’s a high chance of people taking their word when buying a product.

2. Recruiting the Right Affiliates

As the affiliate industry grows, recruiting the right affiliates is more important than ever. The secret of successful affiliate marketing lies in how well your affiliates market your product, not how many!

It’s better to hire web publishers that are centralized on a certain niche than recruiting a lot of haphazard ones. They lack experience and before you know it, they’re contributing toward negative publicity of your brand.

3. Using Social Media to your Advantage

Social media is taking over. If your brand doesn’t have a social media presence, it’s already missing half its customers. Recruit bloggers and influencers with a huge audience. It’s an effective tool to reach maximized audience in minimal time.


4. Focusing on video content and Images

The days where affiliate marketing revolved around content are long gone! Marketers are now using images, videos, and slideshows to promote their product. Viewers come across hundreds of ads every day. So how do you get them to watch your ad? Utilize creative ways and taglines to grab your viewers’ attention.

Webinars and going live are other trends that took this year by the storm. Going live allows you to establish a communication platform with your customers. You can answer their queries online. You can also post the video on your website for viewers who couldn’t join the live session.

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