Do Gamers Need A Standing Desk? A Discussion

PC gamers love sitting in front of their desks, playing the games they enjoy for hours on end. However, what they don’t realize is that long periods of being physically inactive, hunched over a screen with stretched necks and bent wrists can lead to serious health-related issues.

These could be depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, chronic muscular pain, and obesity. The hours that gamers spend sitting on their desks are just as harmful as sitting in cubicles.

So, do gamers really need standing desks? The answer is a definite yes! Here is why:

Better health

There is no denying that prolonged hours spent in a sitting or reclined position is bad for your health. Most people already spend so much time sitting at their desks in the office, driving in the car, and on the couch watching TV that they easily spend over 10 hours of their day sitting.

Standing offers proven musculoskeletal and physiological health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced back and shoulder pain and better posture. Gamers can reap all these benefits by switching to standing desks.


Improved focus and engagement

When sitting for prolonged periods, you start experiencing discomfort, restlessness, and muscle tension. Have you ever noticed that upon shifting from sitting to standing, we immediately feel more focused on the task at hand?

Gamers fidget to get more comfortable in their recliner chairs but find it hard to do so without pausing the game and getting up.

A standing desk gives them the ability to stand, stretch and move their legs without missing a beat in their game. Plus gaming from a standing position allows them to be more reactive and engaged in the game because their body mimics the movements of the characters in the game. Moreover, standing is also linked to productivity because it improved blood circulation.


Getting used to a standing desk for gaming will take some time and effort, and it might be uncomfortable at first. However, accessories like anti-fatigue mats can help gamers get comfortable to standing in an erect posture.

In conclusion, standing desks create a far more immersive experience for gamers and actually help them play better.

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