Get More Customers With A Professional Auto Repair Website

As with other businesses, running an auto repair shop is no mean feat. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to cut corners when it comes to positioning yourself online with a responsive and user-friendly website.

As of July 2017, US alone accounted for the 240 million people actively using Facebook. This goes without saying that customers will review your services, irrespective of whether you have a website or not.

However, with an up-and-running website, you can always show the positive side of your shop. If nothing else, it will dilute the impact of a few stray negative comments.

With this in mind, consider the following reasons why your auto repair shop needs a professional website.

1. Marketing Strategy

You’re probably thinking that word-of-mouth for auto repair shop marketing is more cost-effective in bringing in new leads and potential customers than other promotional tactics.

Well, it’s time you realize that with more and more people becoming tech-savvy by the day, nobody in their right mind would want to stay behind.

Times are changing, and a website, or even a simple blog, can help you get your auto repair business off the ground. In fact, chances are that you receive phone calls from several people who just stumbled upon your website during one of their Google Search expeditions, requesting information about your services.

Let’s put it this way. A professional website with all the necessary information (quality of your work and price range) presents your business as a possible solution for customer’s auto repair needs.

2. A Little Competition Doesn’t Hurt.

As you may already know, bigger and newer businesses don’t necessarily offer better services.

Truth be told, competition always makes you stronger, and even more so, when you compete with others online.

In order to get more car counts than the neighboring auto repair shop, your online shop front, i.e. your website, needs to be reworked and revamped too. An inviting and easy-to-navigate website design helps grow your business by redirecting potential customers to your physical store. Eventually, your superior auto repair services lead to more referrals.

3. Advertising Of New Products & Services

In addition, a fully-functional website helps you advertise new product releases and or upcoming services without you spending a dime on traditional advertising tactics. You can also inform your clients about special products and services via emails and newsletters, using customers’ database on the website.

Let’s cut to the chase—these days, a good-looking website with a responsive design is the best way to attract new customers. Do you want to build your online presence? At

ShopPulse, we provide auto repair website design services that deliver customers.

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