Going Domestic with Pallet Racks in the Age of Increasing Tariffs

U.S and China are currently engaged in a trade war, with both countries imposing high tariff rates on the import of goods manufactured by their counterpart. U.S has slapped tariffs on $550 billion worth of Chinese products, while China, in return has set tariffs on $185 billion worth of U.S goods. And judging by how things are developing between the two countries, it doesn’t look like that this economic conflict is going to alleviate any time soon.

Of course, the business community has been seriously affected by this lock of horns. Regardless of whatever you may think of China and how it operates on the political front, it can’t be denied that China is a global superpower when it comes to manufacturing. The country manufactures and sells almost everything—and that too at the lowest prices in the world.

U.S businesses have long imported products—including pallet racks—from China, for these products cost them cheap. But now that the Trump administration has imposed tariffs on Chinese manufactured goods, businesses are left searching for ways to make their operations cost effective.

So where do businesses go from here, especially warehouse operators who have relied on the supply chain from the Far East for procuring inexpensive pallet racks to fuel storage capacity at their sites?

A Solution Close to Home

U.S pallet rack manufacturers may not be able to compete with Chinese manufacturers in terms of pricing, but when it comes to product quality, they are far ahead from their competitors.


U.S-based manufacturers follow the highest standards of quality when manufacturing pallet racks. They follow strict design guidelines and use the best steel on the market to produce racks that meet RMI standards. Pallets racks manufactured in the U.S last longer than those manufactured in China, and also require lesser maintenance.

One final benefit of using American manufactured pallet racks is that when you need assistance, you can always call the company and have your concerns addressed without any delays.

When combined, these features easily offset the higher cost of domestic pallet racks, allowing you to run your warehouse operations cost effectively, even in this age of increasing tariffs.

This article was posted by KD Equipment, a Florida-based warehouse equipment, loading dock equipment, overhead door, and bug screen supplier. The company serves customers nationwide and stocks a large inventory of items at affordable prices. Call 888-792-9995 to learn more about the company.  

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