Google Chrome Security Tips for Safer Browsing

If you are one of those paranoid internet users, security must surely be one of your greatest concerns while browsing. Although Google Chrome has extraordinary built-in security functions, no browser is free of imperfections.

Here are some tips for better security for Google Chrome users:

Do Not Let It All Sync

If you are logged in to any of your Google accounts through Google Chrome, it automatically synchronizes and applies these settings to other devices as well. Well, you may not feel comfortable with this as all your cookies, passwords and other information will sync across all devices. You can easily deactivate this option by going to Advanced Sync Settings in the Settings tab.

Secure Your Passwords and Credit Card Details

If you allow Google Chrome to save your passwords, they can easily be accessed by anyone using the browser with your PC. When the browser asks you to save your passwords or credit card details, make sure you don’t allow it.

Also, to protect your information, you can create a non-administrative account or enable the guest account for other users to use while browsing.

Maneuver Content Settings for Better Privacy

Tweaking your Content Settings in the Advance Settings tab can be very efficient in improving security. Let’s take a look at some features separately:

Cookies: As far as cookies are concerned, you only want them activated as long as the browser is running. Choose the option that allows you to delete cookies once the browser is closed.

JavaScript: For better privacy, it is highly recommended that you deactivate JavaScript. However, if you do need to run JavaScript for some website, you can always change the settings.

Plugins: You will have the option to choose when to run plugins.Make sure your browser asks for permission before running plugins.

Location: This one’s quite important. As you are paranoid about internet security (you are still reading this!), you do not want any website to know where you are. Disable the track location feature.

Notifications: If you do not want any website to show notifications, choose the appropriate option.

Go Incognito

If you are doing something that’s absolutely important and you cannot take any risks, you can carry out your session through incognito window. You can easily find this in the ‘Customize’ and control tab. Working in the incognito window will ensure that your browser’s history, cookies and other features do not stick around when you exit the browser.

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