GoPay: Taking The World By Storm, One Mobile Payment At A Time

With the advent of the cashless economy, the writing is on the wall—we’re all going to go cashless in the near future. More and more companies are actively promoting the use of unattended or contactless payment systems as a result.

Nobody knows when the transition will crystallize, but it might happen sooner than later.

The normalization of cashless payment will benefit us in many ways, including the facilitation of increased circulation of money, accurate economic planning, and a decrease in the cost of printing money.

Regardless of its many benefits, though, many companies—and people in general—are not ready to fully accept a cashless society.

But experts are continuously putting forward easy cashless payment solutions to make the move seamless. Mobile payments systems, unattended and contactless payment systems, and semi-integrated systems have all contributed to this in a variety of ways, making the technology accessible and spreading awareness.

To make these digital payment solutions inclusive, experts have launched software called GoPay. Let’s talk about it.

How Does GoPay Work?

GoPay falls under the category of a smart mobile payment solution. It offers ease and security and makes paying at restaurants, hotels, malls, and at other public places easier than ever.

The highlights of this technology are in-line payment getaways, GoPay transfer, and one-click payments.

An Indonesian company—GoJek launched GoPay with the aim of making electronic transactions easier on the go.

By partnering with millions of drivers and other small and big businesses, GoPay has been making waves in the Indonesian economy. This also makes it easier for previously unbanked members of society to enter the financial system formally.

The following are people for whom GoPay has been incredibly helpful:

GoPay for Drivers

After becoming a driver with GoJek, most people usually take it up as a full-time job. GoPay has now proven to be their main source of income; it is what helps them make money.

The GoPay device also helps them save up and comes with a ton of self-support facilities, including savings, installments, and more.

GoPay for Users

Millennials want convenience—there’s no denying that. GoPay is a solution to the problem of constantly carrying money and running the risk of being mugged.

This technology has become a digital wallet which mitigates the need to fumble around for change or worry about not bringing enough money.

GoPay for Merchants

If you run a business, you know that there are a lot of transactions that need to be made throughout the day. Through GoPay, the data of these transactions can be stored automatically, saving a valuable amount of time and money for business managers.

Interested In GoPay?

Head over to UIC’s online store and see the many benefits of opting for GoPay yourself. They offer uniquely tailored payment solutions while their EV charging payment system lets you pay on the go. Get in touch with them to know more about their services.

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