Growing IPv4 Demand In The Time Of IPv6

It is a well-known fact that in the last few years, the number of internet users has been increasing dramatically.

The internet infrastructure is expanding and it is largely due to the latest advancements in technology. This also means that we now have the chance to enjoy web services in remote areas.

However, the exponential growth is not all good. It has triggered the inevitable exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.

While many have moved to IPv6, the latest internet protocol, it goes without saying that the demand for IPv4 is still there. Here are a few reasons why:

Large Routing Tasks

With well over 85000 routers, IPv4 forms the current backbone of the internet. The entire network is dependent on flat as well as hierarchical routing.

In addition to this, it becomes important to connect multiple devices across a larger network without using NAT. In simpler words, applications that don’t require NAT work easily through firewalls. The ease of operations is a key reason triggering the present demand for IPv4.

Dependable Security

Encryption is one of the crucial needs when communicating with others over a public medium. From safeguarding information to maintaining privacy, encryption plays a key role in protecting our daily activities over the internet.

IPv4 encrypts all information passing through under strict security perimeters. All address packets are adequately protected and only decrypted by relevant systems.


IPv4 allows routing to become more efficient and scalable as addressing is aggregated more effectively. This works in favor of organizations that use multicast. Consequently, data communication across the network becomes more specific and reliable.

Not Necessary To Upgrade Infrastructure

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why IPv4 is still in demand is because some business owners cannot afford to make the substantial investment required to upgrade to IPv6.

Upgrading to IPv6 means making changes to the IT infrastructure that can often cost a lot. Since IPv6 is not compatible with IPv4 in any meaningful way, this means upgrading routers, switchers and other costly components of the infrastructure.

While the shortage of IPv4 addresses has given birth to plenty of unregulated black markets, there are still service providers that are helping business owners buy IPv4 addresses at affordable costs.

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