A Guide to Plasma Cutting

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a procedure in which a jet of ionized gas is used to expel and melt metal, usually, to make a cut at temperatures above 20,000°C. The two electrodes, cathode and anode, form electric arcs between them and the metal that has to be cut, during this entire process. The electrodes are submerged in an air-cooled or water-cooled gas container, which compresses the arc and results in the formation of a fine, high velocity and extremely hot plasma jet.

Once this plasma beam collides with the metal, a reaction occurs, and the ionized gas goes back to its original condition, producing a tremendous amount of heat in the process. The metal melts due to tremendous amount of heat, which is then ejected from the incision by the flow of gas.


Uses of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is commonly utilized in on-site construction and salvage yards for a variety of metal production projects. Plasma arc can cut a variety of electrically conductive alloys, such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel etc. The technique was created to cut materials that could not be cut satisfactorily using oxy-fuel combustion process. Plasma cut metal is frequently used with metal finishing procedures such as powder coating for a colorful finish in many mild steel goods.

The most typical uses for designers and artists are in making sculptures and signs, as well as decorative walls, panels, and tiles for indoor projects.

A cnc machine using plasma to cut through a surface

Cost of Plasma Cutting and Equipment

Plasma torches used to be fairly costly. As a result, usually professional welding shops,private stores, and expensive garages were the only places to find them. Modern plasma torches, on the other hand, are getting more affordable, and many enthusiasts can now afford them. Previous devices may be bulky but still transportable, whereas newer inverter-based systems are lightweight yet have capacities that equal or exceed those of older units.

This is what Plasma cutting basically is, and what it is used for. Although a very useful process, industrialists and manufacturers are now moving from plasma cutting, or in fact any sort of cutting and breaking, towards 3D printing and prototyping. This modern technology allows manufacturers to have more precisionand get their desired product according to their exact measurements, without the need to cut or break anything, leading to saving costs and material both, without any wastage.

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