A Happy Ending – Strong CTA Examples For Ending Your Video With Action

The importance of adding call-to-actions at the end of a corporate video cannot be stressed enough. No matter how great your video is, if there’s not a CTA at the end of it directing the viewers on what to do, then your video will not be wholly effective.

Think of CTAs as virtually handshaking with existing or potential clients. A CTA can be the digital sealing of the deal. It is what will prompt your viewers into action. They’ve watched the video till the end which clearly shows their interest; now it’s time to convert potential leads into customers.

A good video will impress your viewers; a great video will inspire them. Here are a few CTA examples that can make your video great again.

The “To The Point” CTA

One of the best and most commonly used CTA to end your video with is a short yet effective one: the ‘to the point’ CTA. In this, you’re explicitly telling your audience what you want them to do once the video ends. Whether it’s “Sign Up Now To Subscribe” or “Visit [Insert Your URL] For More Information”, it’s short, simple and cuts straight to the point.

The “Mood Setting” CTA

A ‘mood setting’ CTA takes the overall video into consideration and is a strategic placement in context to the message delivered by the video. For example, if you created a video that is quite sentimental, you wouldn’t use a brightly colored CTA that asks the viewers to “Click on the link below to purchase the product!” This will undermine the mood and the tone that the entire video has set. What you want is a CTA that keeps in line with the whole video, e.g. “Learn more at XYZ.com”.

The “Curiously Casual” CTA

When it comes to creating a ‘curiously casual’ CTA, you must keep two things in mind: 1) it must not be gimmicky, 2) it must stimulate the viewer’s curiosity. This type of CTA may seem simply casual, but it will be anything but. You will be subtly directing your readers towards your own goal. For example, “Are you in search of the secret to success? Call us to find out more.”

The “Amazingly Inspirational” CTA

The ‘inspirational’ CTA can be a powerful weapon to have in your video marketing arsenal, but only if it’s wielded correctly. An inspirational CTA will help you utilize your viewers’ desires in order to take the next step. If, for instance, you’re running a travel agency, you shouldn’t be using generic CTAs like “Visit our website for more details,” but something more like, “Get in touch with us now to bring the trip of your dreams into reality!”


The “Irresistible” CTA

Everyone loves free stuff and combining a promo deal or a free trial with a CTA at the end of a video makes for an irresistible combo. You can appeal to your audience by enticing them with something irresistible. Whether it’s a “Buy one, get one free” offer or a free trial period, an ‘irresistible’ CTA will make it hard to resist.

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