The Health and Safety Risks Posed by Unchecked Oxidation

We’ve all heard and read about how we all need oxygen to exist. The body makes use of the gas to combust the food we eat (mostly sugars and fatty acids) and extract the energy we need to survive.

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While Oxygen is a much-needed supplement, unchecked oxidation poses severe health and safety concerns. It’s a little-known fact that the very element that we need to survive is the one that causes the destruction of our cells!

Here’s how unchecked oxidation can cause us grief:

Oxidized Cholesterol:

Before we explore the dangers of oxidized cholesterol, let’s understand body cholesterol. We get this wax-like substance from the food we eat and, unsurprisingly, we need cholesterol to survive.

However, the unchecked buildup of cholesterol can result in the formation of plaque in a person’s bloodstream, making it difficult for them to breathe or exert themselves physically. This is just the beginning of our problems because if this substance is deposited on the artery walls of your heart, it can result in the formation of oxidized cholesterol!

Heart Diseases:

Because of its close proximity to the heart, the body’s immune system is placed on red alert as the formation of oxidized cholesterol increases. Unfortunately, the human body perceives this substance as a bacterial threat and tries to fend off its attack. This results in the inflammation of the heart’s arterial walls which leads to atherosclerosis.

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This severely impairs the working of the human heart and results in countless heart diseases. The worst thing about oxidized cholesterol is that it, in most cases, it can be fatal. This is one reason why cardiac arrests and heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States.

Oxidation in the Air:

Now that we understand the health concerns of unchecked oxidation, it’s time we turn our attention to how the process also poses significant safety issues. The reaction of metals with oxygen in the atmosphere is something that we’ve all seen in the form of rusted tools and machinery.

By reacting with the base metal (commonly called the substrate) oxidation can accelerate its rate of corrosion and cut short the life expectancy of industrial equipment. What’s worse is that it can also elevate the coefficient of friction of metals and result in the formation of pressure differentials which tend to produce sparks that are cause for concern!


Oxidation can result in huge flames that can lay waste to massive industries in a few minutes. In fact, the problem of unchecked oxidation is so severe that nearly 2.5 trillion dollars are spent annually in a bid to reduce the corrosion it causes!

How to Shield Against Oxidation:

The best way to minimize the health concerns of oxidation is to prevent the buildup of oxidized cholesterol in the body. This can be achieved by having a healthy diet and by regular exercise. In recent years, anti-oxidants have also made it easier for people to combat the dangers of oxidation.

On the other hand, the best way to neutralize the safety concerns of unchecked oxidation is to rely on metallurgical protective coatings. Diffusion coatings like aluminizing form a fine protective film on the metal substrate and increase its resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

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