How the Healthcare System Can Benefit from Contactless Unattended Devices

Contactless Unattended Devices have become a norm across the retail industry—Amazon Go-like stores are widely considered the future of the retail industry. The same payment systems have also been around for a while in parking areas or even in offices. One place where unattended payment systems have yet to catch on is the healthcare industry—which is surprising considering the shortcomings in the industry at the moment.

Recent statistics suggest that out-of-pocket expenses have reached their highest point in history as of 2018. The average patient now pays $1109 out of their pockets as compared to $990 back in 2017. A greater number of people now prefer paying bills through credit cards rather than through cash—nearly one-third of all credit card debt is medical bills. With these emerging consumer patterns, healthcare providers have to deal with the administrative and material cost of sending out paper bills—which amounts to $7–$9.

Benefits of Contactless Unattended Device in Healthcare

Unattended payment systems eliminate labor costs, are faster than conventional payment processes and allow service providers to implement purely tech-based payment processes. The efficiency advantages and the consumer-oriented nature of unattended payment systems can help you retain customers and streamline your internal processes.

Some advantages of unattended payment solutions include:

HIPAA Compliance

The risk of financial and medical privacy breaches increases as the number of people involved with the patient increases. The possibly sensitive information recorded in their medical bills and receipts is at risk when it passes through relevant departments. This risk is easily mitigated through an unattended payment solution that produces bills, receipts and collects payment without any human interaction. With this, you’ll also find it easier to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Considering the rise in the number of people paying their medical bills through credit cards, we can safely assume that they’re looking for more convenient payment methods. You could implement an unattended payment solution that expedites the payment process and requires the same security measures as those implemented in retail outlets like those in Amazon Go stores.

Streamlining Your Financial Accounts

You could integrate your payment solutions to back-end accounting software to minimize the risk of clerical errors. The software will collect payments and directly generate values to develop accurate accounting records.

Faster Payment Processes

With the work of an unattended payment solution, you could serve more people in lesser time because no one has to wait around for a clerk to process the payment. With the speed and efficiency of an unattended payment solution, there is little risk of any hold-ups due to administrative mismanagement or delays in payment processing.

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