Here’s Why Customers Aren’t Visiting Your Website

Your product images are professionally captured; the copy is perfect; the overall website design is just flawless; and there’s a steady stream of traffic coming in.

Why is it that only a fraction of that online traffic is sticking around for more than a few seconds?

There are visitors coming in but it’s almost as if they are dropping by for a second. The bounce rate is off the charts.

For starters, there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes with conversions on your website. If you are having trouble making prospects visit your website, here is what could have gone wrong:

Your Website SEO Is Poor

SEO lays the foundation of all websites, making it easier for Google to index and access them. One of the most important reasons why your website isn’t receiving visitors is because of bad SEO.

Poorly implemented SEO practices lead to complicated issues like duplicate content and broken links, all of which can dramatically impact your rankings. In order to draw in online traffic that is relevant to your offerings, you should aim for the leading keywords with SEO being the starting point to make it there.

You Have An Ineffective Link Building Campaign

Once you’ve launched a website and put in place a strategically sound SEO strategy, the next step is to invest in link building. For every link building campaign, it is vital to have a researched set of keywords that are likely to deliver results.

It is definitely easier to attract traffic to your website, but making sure the traffic is relevant is a whole different ballgame. If you already have a link building campaign in place, but are still failing to see the right results, the problem could be the wrong keywords.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

Ever since Google recommended having a responsive web design for better rankings, the game has changed.

Websites that have failed to keep up are being constantly demoted in rankings, making it harder for potential customers to find them.

Furthermore, non-responsive websites don’t render appropriately across all devices. While your website may seem perfect on desktop PCs, it may be all jumbled up on smartphone screens. This could drive away a lot of users immediately.

Investing a good web design that is creative, responsive and optimized for user experience is a single, foolproof way to boost the number of website visitors. Check out SiteHub, the online platform that allows you to design such websites without any coding or design expertise.

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