High Volume Email Marketing With IPv4 and IPv6

Learning about the successor to IPv4, IPv6, can be quite interesting. However, for companies sending in more than a million emails per day, internet protocols are more than just interesting—they mean business.

Reliable internet protocols are the key to email success. This makes essential to have the talk about IPv6. Most of us are aware that VoIoMP doesn’t offer IPv6 support—but we also know that modern internet doesn’t either.

Right now, the internet has run out of IPv4 addresses, but few are using IPv6. This is because of two important constraints: money and time.

Why Make The Switch?

While back in the day, 4.2 billion IP addresses seemed like all we needed, modern internet has expanded way beyond what we anticipated. We have so many internet enabled devices and so little IPs to accommodate them.

This brings us to our next question—why should a mailer care?

Companies that are involved in high volume email marketing should consider polishing their knowledge about IPs.

It is what mailing wants you to know. If you are a computer technician, you are probably aware of how IPs work. You should also know that the transitional phase can directly impact your efforts.

How Will The Transition Impact You?

Let’s just say that nobody really knows. However, we do know this:

Reputation and Security

Technically we are still in the testing phase of IPv6. While IPv6 does bring along plenty of high tech security features like end-to-end encryption, but isn’t all that useless when we are still in transition?

Fighting spam with IPv6 could also get tricky. For most, the modern email credit rating method will be domain registration. The transition also means that spammers will once again have a practically infinite supply of IPs. This also means IP reputation could be pointless.

Delivering Issues

It is impossible to precisely point out deliverability issues with IPv6. However, the latency caused as a result of dual stack IP users could make it difficult to handle IP throttle rates. It is also safe to say that many IT administrators prefer sticking with IPv4 when it comes to mail servers.

It Will Take Time

Last year, IPv6 reached merely a 10% deployment rate. This was almost after two decades of its introduction. It is going to take while for a complete IPv6 deployment.

Till then, to facilitate email marketing on IPv4, you need a service that can help. You can buy IPv4 spaces from a reliable service provider like IPv4Mall! The company connects buyers and sellers and guarantees the best rates.

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