The Importance of Attractive Flyers for Small Businesses

A lot of businesses gravitate toward TV commercials, billboards, and promotional products and apparel for marketing and advertising. And while these are incredible marketing tools, they’re used excessively by other, more prominent companies in the market.


Luckily, we still have social media. But then again, most big companies have social media campaigns as well now. And their reach is far greater than yours.


So how exactly can your small business outshine them?


Well, we suggest using old-school flyers! Here’s why.


They’re Pretty Budget-Friendly

As a small business, you can’t really afford to go all out with your marketing plan. And most marketing strategies that involve billboards and commercials can rack up quite a cost. But flyers, on the other hand, are quite inexpensive.


You can get in touch with a company that does custom printing and have them print flyers for your business in bulk. And there are a lot of ways you can keep flyers pocket-friendly.


For instance, get them printed on the least pricey paper you can find—just make sure the design’s great! Also, instead of hiring somebody especially to distribute the flyers, get your regular employees —who already know the business well—to distribute them!

You Can Get Them to Your Target Audience Easily

When you’re distributing flyers, you can make sure they end up in the right hands—literally.


With all other forms of marketing, such as billboards, commercials, and social media campaigns, it’s very difficult to ensure that the right audience has seen your advert. For instance, you could advertise your school shoes on a billboard outside a school, but most kids and their parents may never notice the board.


Moreover, flyers can be very instantly effective because you can get them to potential customers easily. For instance, if you’re running a spa and salon for ladies, you can hand out your flyers to young girls and women passing by to attract them to the salon right away.

There’s A lot of Room for Creativity




When it comes to flyers, the creative possibilities are endless. And as a small business, you need to utilize its full potential to stand out.


So, for starters, the design of the flyers needs to be on-point. Moreover, you can try and make the flyers unique. For instance, you could use recycled paper to show your potential customers that your business is eco-friendly.


You can also offer free coupons and other incentives with the flyers—it would also ensure that the flyers don’t end up in the garbage!



If you’d like to discuss more ideas for your business’s flyers or are interested in other business promotional products, we suggest getting in touch with the printing and advertising experts at Graphic Impact. They can design and print promotional signs and graphics and even custom branded products for your small business.


Contact them today to learn more.


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