The Importance of Augmented Reality In The World of Advertising

While these days, augmented reality is associated with the gaming world, it was previously used by the air force to train pilots to tackle different situations and problems.

It was only after Pokémon Go that the world started realizing the true power of augmented reality. Businesses are now utilizing the technology to create interactive campaigns and to grab the attention of potential clients and customers.

But is augmented reality beneficial for businesses and the advertising world? The answer is a simple yes, considering it’s expected to reach a market size of 209.2 billion dollars globally by 2022!

Some of the world’s largest automotive brands, such as Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen have started using the technology to provide their customers with an immersive buying experience.

But how has the technology changed marketing and why should every business jump on the augmented reality bandwagon?

Interactive Experience

Remember that the best campaigns are the ones that are memorable. If your target audience doesn’t remember your promotions and campaigns, you’ll jeopardize your success.

Augmented reality offers an interactive experience because it blurs the line between reality and fantasy. It creates a personal experience for customers by offering them the option to explore a world beyond their expectations.

For example Real estate agencies can help investors make better decisions by allowing them to explore properties without even visiting them! Investors will be able to explore different rooms in the building, zoom in, zoom out, and analyze their options without having to rush. This allows customers to take their time before making a decision.

Innovation At Its Best

Who says that augmented reality is limited to ordinary people? You can also target retailers and potential business partners as well.

When offering solutions to your partners, there’s no better way to present an idea that by using augmented reality.

You can show them your concepts and theories and help them visualize the idea’s success.

For example You’re offering tires to auto repair shops. You can use augmented reality to help shops see what makes your tires superior to your competitor’s.

Geo-Tagging For Travel Agencies

One of the perks of augmented reality is that it has geo-tagging. If you’re a travel agency, you can help tourists navigate through different cities and help them make the most of their vacation. Whenever they go to an unfamiliar area, they’ll be able to find shops, restaurants, hotels etc. easily.

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