The Importance of Quality Assurance Testing for Software

Digital commerce and enterprise are a fickle market. The customers in these industries have some of the shortest time spans and because of an increasing number of alternatives, very likely to switch at the smallest inconvenience. In such an environment, your services and applications should run optimally and without any glitches for any long-term consumer base consistency.

Quality assurance testing for software is an integral part of guaranteeing service delivery excellence. Whether you’re testing out an app for your restaurant, online stores or any service app for that matter, eliminating all the bugs is a process that no software developer ought to ignore. Your commercial success might be dependent on it.

Keeping the Customer’s Attention

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In the contemporary business environment, the customer’s needs change with every passing second. With newer software coming out every second for every service possible, there are far too many alternatives in the market for anyone to keep up with. Success in developing consumer loyalty in the short-run is essential for long-term success for any business.

To achieve your long-term business goals, it’s essential that you keep up with these changing trends. As the core of your software changes to incorporate whatever services your client requires, increases the risks that your software will start to glitch a lot. Those using your services will soon tire out of all the problems in your software and just switch to some other platform altogether.

For some context, here are a few statistics that ought to emphasize the importance of improving your systems for better customer retention:

  • 91% of unsatisfied customers will not do business with a brand that failed to meet their expectations.
  • Customers tell twice as many people about bad experiences rather than good ones.
  • Only 1 in 26 customers tellbusinesses about a bad experience, the rest simply stop using the services.

Avoiding Public Relations Crises

There can be many reasons for why a glitch in the app can cause a public relations crisis and sub-par performance is the least of your concerns. We’re witnessing an unprecedented number of security breaches, database compromises and any number of external threats.

As a business, your priority is to protect your customers above all else. Quality control also means that you thoroughly test your security and network frameworks that your customers can rely on you with their data. As you amp up your protection, you will create a much more sturdy market foothold than any of your competitors.

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