Improve Business Efficiency And Revenue Through Mobile App Advertising in China

With mobile advertising revenues reaching 326.79 billion yuan in 2018, the Chinese mobile market offers a promising prospect for mobile advertising.

With figures like these, it’s hard to ignore the efficiency of mobile app advertising in China. Not only has Chinese mobile economy leapfrogged the West, but has also evolved into a digital ecosystem that is attracting more and more investors.

Here is how mobile app advertising in China is positing fruitful opportunities for companies.

Titans Of The Digital World

Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba are Chinese firms that garnered 72.8% of China’s mobile advertising two years back. This is not far from the share in market that Facebook and Google monopolize in the U.S.

This power trio holds the reins to China’s traffic, making it unprofitable for publishers to exit the Chinese market in search of more users. This is because the return on investment in China have given more than just assurances about revenues; the figures are proof of that.

User Acquisition in China

User acquisition in the domestic landscape of China employs a two-pronged approach. One way of doing this is by optimizing in Chinese app ecosystem which is majorly owned by Baidu, Tencent and Qihoo360.

However, these are not the only players in the arena. Players like Huawei and Xiaomi, belonging to the latest generation of app stores in China, can also be utilized for user acquisition.

Another way to acquire users is to connect with device manufacturers who pre-install their apps in the devices before trading them in the market. This would allow app publishers to strike a deal with these manufacturers to secure a larger user base.

Ways To Compete In The Global Economy

Chinese publishers who aim to attract an international consumer base emphasize on the inclusion of utilities like keyboards, torchlight, battery savers; messaging options and gaming apps.

They are now attempting to make their mark in gaming spaces where users are known to dedicate longer hours than utility apps.

Seizing the World Beyond Borders

Chinese publishers are increasingly wanting to expand their consumer base into international waters but previously, their international user ratio was dominated by Southeast Asian population only. In order to conquer the global market, they’ve realized that they need to seize their niche in U.S. and European economies.

A big reason for attracting Western users is that their CPM is up to 20 times higher than that of Asian users. In order to secure a reliable foothold, non-Chinese traffic is key to monetizing this opportunity.

All in all, this is an insight into how mobile app advertising in China is improving business efficiency and enlarging profit margins for companies.

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