Improved Wi-Fi in Crowded Venues – The Possibilities!

We’ve all been to events where the Wi-Fi is so slow, it’s downright unusable.

Planners and organizers must understand the importance of working with a high-quality ISP and event Wi-Fi installation and support services to ensure the success of their events.

Gone are the days when you could count on hotel internet to cater to the needs of your attendees, ensuring that they have good Wi-Fi Experience.

At seminars, conferences and other crowded spaces, internet becomes a high demand resource. And if you want continuous online coverage of your events via tweets and status updates, it is important that attendees have enough bandwidth available at all times.

Data-Hungry Social Apps – Can You Cope?

5 years ago, you could prioritize web traffic, giving websites preference over file transfers. Modern internet users want access to all their apps NOW. And high-speed internet available at all times, throughout the event, is the only way to ensure they get what they want.

The trouble is that the wireless spectrum is crowded and there is cutthroat competition for bandwidth. Is your event internet and Wi-Fi setup powerful enough to compete with radio, TV, emergency services and cellular networks, all fighting for their share of the Wi-Fi space?

Known for providing leading Wi-Fi network installation services across NYC, Slice Wireless Solutions knows just how quickly things can go bad with conference Wi-Fi, and how to set them up right the first time, every time.

Here’s what they suggest:

  • When setting up Wi-Fi for conferences, hotels or business complexes, plan for each attendee bringing a minimum of 2 Wi-Fi guzzling devices along. The network needs to be optimized to handle roughly 10 to 15% more devices to indicate best results.


  • Remember you don’t just want attendees to connectwith your Wi-Fi; you want them to experience superior performance and lightning fast speeds at all times. So invest the time and energy enterprise-grade hardware for maximum benefits.

Professional Wi-Fi: An Exclusive Solution for Unique Locations

professional-wifiThe Wi-Fi specialists at Slice are of that opinion that every event is different. As a result, it is important that Wi-Fi deployment is planned according to the event layout, size of the venue, its shape, location of various structural components, and anticipated timings and attendance.

The right placement of network equipment is integral to Wi-Fi effectiveness for large spaces.

You can invest in the best possible high capacity Wi-Fi equipment, but it isn’t places high enough or near open spaces, the signal strength and bandwidth will suffer.

Also, device statistics, analytics, and geo reporting are also imperative to designing a rock-solid Wi-Fi plan for your venue.

Head on to Slice Wireless Solutions to learn more about their professional network installation services for businesses!



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