Improving your Young Living sales revenues through e-commerce

Young Living is the single largest essential oils producer in the world. Leading all other essential oils brand in sales and revenues, it offers the novel opportunity to many entrepreneurs to make successful distribution businesses of their own. Many people have begun their distributions on e-commerce platforms to make a significant amount of money.

If you’re looking to improve your existing sales or are think of stepping into the market, here are some useful tips to meet your sales targets with ease:

1. Creating Hubs of Information

Ultimately, essential oils are supposed to have a therapeutic effect on the users. This is the core value of your Young Living products. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of how helpful essential oils can be in helping maintain health and wellness.

Having a blog or a set of informative readings can help spur some of your finicky clients gain the confidence to buy your products.

2. Remind Clients of Offers


Reminding your clients of your services and products is a great way of always keeping within their line of sight. Sustaining brand recall is one of the maxims of effective marketing. Sending out emails or similar notifications on a more or less regular basis will keep remind them of your service and might even entice them to purchase from your store.

3. Creating Interactive Websites

Your e-commerce websites should be easy to navigate and must contain engaging content that can keep your customer’s attention. Incorporating interactive content into your websites will keep them actively participating with their websites, to create an immersive shopping experience. This is sure to leave a lasting impact and much more likely to generate a sale than generic websites.

4. Improving Webpage Load Times

Customers these days are looking for the shortest possible path to making their payments. Even if they’re new to the website and looking for information, then a website that loads fast and provides a lot of information without the hassle is always preferred over others. Creating content that is easy to digest and websites that don’t make your customers wait will always give you an edge over your competition.

5. Delivery Trackers

Many people are afraid of using e-commerce platforms because they don’t know if their orders will be delivered to them on time or if at all. Installing a delivery tracker service onto your e-commerce stores, will instill in them a confidence to trust your services. Those who were unsure will now jump at the opportunity to buy from you.

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