How to Increase Conversions and Leads with Live Chat

You don’t need to have a university degree in marketing to know that quality customer service is key to a successful, flourishing business. Whether you’re running an online or physical store, getting in touch with your customers, answering their queries, and solving their issues can earn you the trust you need to establish your brand as a trustworthy name in the e-commerce business.

With the average human’s attention span now even shorter than a goldfish’s and the availability of all the information in the world at the touch of a finger, consumers don’t have the patience to send you an email. They’re far more likely to turn to a competitor that offers the feature we’re discussing today: live chat.

What is Live Chat?

Ever opened a website and been confronted with a small text box opening somewhere on the screen (usually the bottom right corner) saying something like, “Need help? We are here!”? This small box allows you to chat in real time with a representative from the company, getting you answers to your questions and concerns immediately. It is faster, more efficient, and can help your customers save a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent waiting for the representative to receive the email, see it, and then reply.

So how can live chat increase customer leads and conversions? Let’s find out!

Faster Response Rate = More Leads

According to a study conducted by Drift, your chances of making contact with a potential lead decrease a whopping 10 times after just 5 minutes without a response from your end!

Similarly, your chances of connecting with a lead become almost nonexistent once 15 minutes have passed!

When hundreds of other businesses are offering the same services and products you are, no customer is going to wait around for hours for you to respond unless you’re offering something truly unique!

Bots for Downtime

Let’s be honest here. No one has the time or the energy to sit at their desktops and answer hundreds of queries from customers 24/7. It’s just not possible! So if you’re wondering how on earth to implement live chat into your website, we have one answer for you: bots.

These bots pick up on keywords in the customer’s query, run it through their searches and come up with a few viable options for the customer to choose from to answer their question while they wait for a real person to get back to them. More often than not, many customers will have the same or similar questions about a particular product. Bots may be able to find the answer without you having to intercede!

Increase Conversions

A customer is less likely to convert into a paying customer if they encounter a problem in the buying process that hasn’t been addressed in your FAQs section. Having a real person answer customers’ questions and guide them through the buying process can make them spend more and adds the perception of confidence to your business’s services.

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