Why It’s Better To Engage Millennials Through Phones

A major share of criticism directed towards the advancement of technology is that it has compromised the quality of human relations. With every form of communication becoming a digital chat, it’s hard to disengage from the impersonal nature of social connections.

However, despite its social impact, millennials continue to engage with phones and other forms of technology on a daily basis. The only plausible explanation for that can be that the benefits outweigh the costs of using phones instead of paying someone a visit. Among other reasons, it saves time and helps information travel faster.

Businesses today are focusing their marketing at acquiring millennials as customers but for that they need to customize their approach to suit the audience. Here’s why millennials can be engaged through phones best.

Humans versus Phones

Reports show that millennials interact with smartphones 39% more than they do with other humans. This includes their closest of kin, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, children and partners. With every 4 out of 10 millennials claiming to be more loyal to their handsets than their relatives and friends, it’s pretty clear for businesses to pick the digital rather than the physical route when approaching them.

The only relations that have come close to substituting technology for millennials are significant others and children. This is proven by statistics that show while 33% of an unclassified sample of subjects prefers interacting with their partners or spouses, only 27% millennials choose to do so. This is alarmingly the only ratio that is closest to equal when a control group of respondents was compared with specifically millennials.

This wide-scale popularity of technology in millennials can also be attributed to the fact that around 77% millennials own and use a mobile phone for more than an average 2 hours a day. This was confirmed by a report released in 2014 which also stated that despite having only a 29% share in American demographics, millennials account for 41% of smart phone usage in the country! With the scope of technology this promising in the millennial population, it’s only wise that they be reached through their phones instead of being contacted elsewhere.

Reasons For Phone Usage

While some millennials have claimed on record that their phones offer them an easy escape from over-burdening social interaction, that’s not all there is to the story. It would be unfair to direct criticism towards the millennial generation for all the wrong reasons. Since this age group has advanced quicker and better than the previous ones, their performance now mandates using phones to stay up to date with everything. This means that with the internet and a browser available in your pocket or purse, millennials are expected to be well-aware of current affairs from the get go.

With Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google buzzing with news and available at the touch of an icon, they’re not spared the censure for not knowing the newest updates in Hollywood or the most trending fad at the time. They’re also online round the clock because the job hunt and/or academic competition have become tougher with everyone having quick access to the first available vacancy or volumes of study material.

Therefore, along with maintaining contacts with their social circle through social media, they also utilize this technology for staying in touch and at par with the world as it evolves every moment.

In order to play the same game that they’re experts at, businesses need to become equally tech-savvy as the millennials. This not only means digitizing your marketing strategies but anchoring your niche in industries like m-commerce that define the new way forward.

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