3 Web Design Trends We’re Already Over

As the digital world achieves near total penetration, businesses are locked in an intense battle to stand out when it comes to web design. Numerous design trends are gaining traction, as other, outdated ones fall out of favor.

That’s why website designers need to be cautious and come up with creative, fresh, and timeless web designs to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up three trends that are outdated and should be kept away from your web design equation.

“Vintage” Is No Longer the Rage

There was a phase when almost every website had a vintage touch to it—vintage fonts, vintage designs, vintage colors, and whatnot. But we’re glad that it’s finally over! Vintage designs were too elaborate, with rough overlays on typography, excessively tailed scripts, dull color schemes, sepia filters, and too much texture on the background.

While it didn’t necessarily look bad on every website, it certainly gave users a hard time when it came to reading web content. Because users tend to jump from one site to another quickly, it’s important to have an interactive and simplistic web design that makes them stop and connect with a website instantly.

Full Website Coming Soon… This Has to End


Such websites abound the internet, and we don’t get the logic behind their existence. The world is moving along at a rapid pace, and literally no one has the time to wait for a website to load, only to find out that it’s coming soon!

The internet is rife with impatient clickers, and coming soon pages are only going to leave a bad impression on their minds. Let the coming soon pages die, please!

Let Go of Hero Image Sliders

How many times can you recall when you actually clicked on image sliders? According to research by the Nielsen Norman group, most users don’t engage with sliders. The study also found that these sliders make it difficult for users to find the information they were looking for.

It’s a bad idea to stuff numerous pieces of information on a single web page. Instead, pick out one key message, image, or an interesting illustration that acts as a call to action for the hero header.

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