Gauntlet PCP .22 Pellet— A Performance Review

Easily the most anticipated PCP air rifle in the market; let’s review this stunningly optimized air rifle making waves in the gun community this year!

Let’s do quick check-in on what PCP air rifles are and how they work.

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

A PCP air rifle is powered by compressed air prior to being used. There are a number of ways this can be done. PCP refers to ‘pre-charged pneumatics’ which gives the gun its unique appeal. The compressed air is released to fire pellets through the barrel and eventually reach your target.

They are extremely accurate and with more power than a pellet gun, become the ideal gun for hunting. Earlier in the day, PCP air rifles were charged with scuba tanks but nowadays different variations allow for a number of charging systems like for example, hand pumps.

Now onto the Gauntlet Umarex’s first PCP and some of its best features that has made it a quick favorite for hunting and sporting enthusiasts.


One of the best air-rifles to provide ample value for money, there’s a reason this PCP at less than $300 is practically a steal. It performs wonderfully at a high ratio compared to other rifles currently in the market.

If you find yourself more interested in air-guns as opposed to firearms, and are still an advocate for break barrel guns, then this gun is your best bet. You can get the same performance compared to a more expensive rifle and even better results.


Highly accurate

The gun provides users consistency in performance as well as shots powerful enough for a .22 pellet. It has a built in regulator with little to no variation in FPS with each shot. Its high level accuracy makes it ideal for hunting as well as field-target competition. With a high pressure hand pump or elective compressors, you can optimize the gun for even better use.


The trigger blade is made of metal which appeals to most and is also adjustable. It is easy to reach the release break point which makes it better for hunting. The rifle comes with a manual safety lock on the trigger guard.

The safety lock is visible enough to indicate if the gun is safe to use or not. It has an easy to use bolt and the handle can be dropped conveniently, adding safety to the gun.

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